NFT Marketplace Development

Step into the realm of NFTs with our proficient marketplace development services. Our tailored solutions provide a seamless platform for artists, creators, and collectors, facilitating the exploration and monetization of unique digital assets in the thriving NFT ecosystem.

Smart NFT Marketplace development services for all your business needs

Smart NFT Marketplace development services for all your business needs

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are cryptographic assets that are non-interchangeable and unique tokens stored on a blockchain. NFTs mostly are of Ethereum protocols like ERC-21 and ERC-1155 and these individual tokens hold valuable information that can be sold and traded. These tokens have converted the businesses that deal with games, art, real estate, etc into profitable revenue-generating platforms. NFT marketplace development is the process of developing a full-fledged marketplace for launching and trading NFTs.

We, at Bckodes, help you launch your own robust and feature-packed NFT marketplace to provide your users a smooth NFT trading experience where they can tokenize digital collectibles, arts, sports, gaming cards, or real-world assets.

We combine some notable NFT marketplace features like wallet, listing status, options for buying, bidding, and selling in an auction, filters, high-level security options, etc and provide top-notch and reliable NFT marketplace development solutions to help our clients stand out of the crowd in the NFT sector

Some Popular NFT marketplace platforms










 NBA Top Shot marketplace



nft foundation icon

Foundation NFT marketplace

Must-have features for launching a successful NFT marketplace

NFT – Marketplace development

Front end display section

NFT marketplace should include a visually pleasing front end display that can provide well-organized information about the assets for sale
NFT – Marketplace development

Token Listings

This feature will help in organizing tokens and making various listings along with the specification of tokens with name, tags, and description
NFT – Marketplace development

Crypto wallet

NFT marketplace must support the integration of wallet system for enabling users to store, send and receive non-fungible tokens and digital currencies
NFT – Marketplace development


Inclusion of rating system in NFT marketplace will allow users to rate sellers depending on listings, successful deals, amount of valuable tokens etc
NFT – Marketplace development

Advanced token search

Ease the token search process of the users on the marketplace with this option that will let users pick token categories, sort them by popularity, etc
NFT – Marketplace development


This feature of the NFT marketplace will help in choosing the right product effortlessly especially when there are a lot of collectibles on the platform
NFT – Marketplace development

Buying, selling, and bidding in an auction

NFT marketplace should facilitate the sale of objects with direct selling and buying process and through the auctioning mechanism that can manage biddings effectively
NFT – Marketplace development

Listing status

Status of the listing like percentage of people bidding in an auction, authentication status of the file, etc will help users in picking suitable non-fungible tokens

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What Our Customer Say About Us

square Emmanuel

To the Bckodes Team,

I am writing this to express my profound gratitude for the exceptional work you have done in developing our NFT marketplace, NiftyOcean.

From the onset, you demonstrated a clear understanding of our vision, translating it into a user-friendly and visually stunning platform.

It was a pleasure to work with professionals who not only excel at their craft but also value their client's time and input.

We look forward to our continued partnership as we work to enhance our platform and bring exciting new features to our users.

Thank you once again for your exceptional work.

A- Emmanuel
CEO - NiftyOcean

Some well-known Blockchain technologies we use for NFT Minting

NFT – Marketplace development
NFT – Marketplace development
Polygon (Matic)
NFT – Marketplace development
NFT – Marketplace development
NFT – Marketplace development
Binance smart chain
NFT – Marketplace development
Avalanche Avax network
NFT – Marketplace development

Why choose Bckodes for NFT Marketplace development

With a team of skilled blockchain experts having in-depth knowledge of NFT standards and multiple blockchain platforms such as EOS, Ethereum, Stellar, etc, we focus on delivering user-centric and reliable NFT marketplace platform for your business with impressive revenue models and high-level security features that can grab eyeballs of potential NFT holders. Our NFT marketplace development solutions include some key features as follows

Tech stack we use for the NFT development process

We utilize the following technologies in our NFT development process to arrive at a versatile NFT platform





Mongo DB

Mongo DB


Yes. You can develop and launch your highly secured and robust NFT marketplace across multi-chain cross platforms within a short span of time by approaching a renowned NFT marketplace development service providing company like Bckodes.

NFT marketplace will offer you an option to mint NFT and to import it directly from the wallet, enables peer-to-peer trading of tokens, acts as a mode of verification of NFT, avoids the occurrences of fraudulent transactions, and so on

By approaching a well-known NFT marketplace development company with rich expertise in building end-to-end NFT marketplace platforms, you can successfully launch your desired NFT platform in less than 3 months. But, the time can also vary for different business needs

There are various types of NFT platforms such as NFT Auction, NFT Lending platform, NFT Launchpad, and NFT Listing

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