Things you need to know about Token development on TRON blockchain


When it comes to technology, especially Blockchain, change is the only consistent thing. Since its inception, blockchain technology has been continuously evolving with several enhancements promoting the value of decentralization. TRON is one such notable advancement and it paves the way for improving the existing blockchain system.     If you want to know completely about the TRON blockchain and developing tokens on TRON, then this blog is for you. This blog will cover everything you need to know about TRON; TRON token standards; key benefits of creating TRON tokens; steps and services involved in the TRON token development process and where can you get the best TRON development services for your business. So, let’s dig deeper into the topic

What is actually a TRON?

TRON is a secure blockchain network similar to other platforms like Ethereum, EOS, etc and that can be used for developing blockchain apps like tokens, cryptocurrency wallets, and decentralized apps easily. It supports the fast and seamless processing of transactions. As said above, the TRON blockchain network enables users to create or issue tokens within the network. TRON tokens (TRX) are developed on the TRON blockchain and TRON token standards are mainly classified as TRC-10 and TRC-20 tokens.

TRC-10 and TRC-20 tokens

TRC-10 tokens are easy to create and are supported by almost all crypto wallets. So, token creators can sell their tokens easily by ICOs. TRC-20 token is an upgrade from the TRC-10 standard for smart contracts – digital contracts that exclude the requirement for any intermediaries in the blockchain system; it is more secure; uses TRON virtual machine and is compatible with the ERC-20 standard. I hope you are now clear with the TRON tokens. Now you may have a question, what are the benefits of developing TRON tokens. I have listed down some main advantages for your quick view

  • Peer to peer decentralized network
  • Development of TRON wallet
  • Secure and smooth transactions without any hassles
  • High scalability and throughput
  • Top-end security measures
  • Customizable interface, reduced costs, and many more

Comprehensive TRON token development services

TRON token development is the process of developing and issuing tokens on the TRON blockchain network. If you are looking to create tokens on TRON to become a part of the thriving crypto market, then it is a must to approach a top TRON token development company that provides the below-mentioned range of TRON development services

TRC10 token development

Development of custom TRC-10 token for ICO with a lot of security features; and that is mintable, effortlessly transferrable, and updatable in smart contracts. The TRON development company you choose must support you in building an ideal TRC10 token for your blockchain project

TRC20 token development

Building TRC20 token with smart contract accessibility, improved security protection, customizable interface, cross-platform compliance, etc.

TRON Wallet development

The TRON wallet development includes the process of designing and developing highly secure TRON wallets that can store TRON tokens safely. The custom TRON wallets created will enable users to manage and trade TRX tokens with control over the funds.

TRON DApp development

Development of customized decentralized apps on the blockchain network that are fast, safe, and efficient. These decentralized apps can be utilized by different businesses for trading cryptocurrencies and for handling bulk transactions cost-effectively.

TRON Decentralized exchange

Arriving at a robust TRON trading platform – a decentralized exchange platform on TRON in order to support the trading of tokens, multiple currencies, payments, and so on. The platform built must be flexible enough to scale up in the future.   

Development of TRON smart contracts

It includes the process of building TRON smart contracts with the ability to manage, control and carry out transactions seamlessly. TRC20 involves smart contract usage to issue new tokens.

Creation and integration of TRON API

Development of custom TRON API solution for integrating the power of TRON blockchain into the system.

Final words

I hope you now understand the TRON token development services that you need to look for while picking a TRON token development company. But, Where can you find the best TRON development company? Bckodes is a renowned TRON token development company with rich expertise in the TRON development process. Their team will clearly understand and analyze your requirements; will do enough research to come up with a comprehensive plan and will provide all the above-mentioned TRON development services. TRON tokens developed will also be put through rigorous testing steps to perfectly fit the client’s needs. Whether it may be deployment or any customization, the team will use cutting-edge technologies to help you gain a competitive edge in your project. Therefore, get the complete TRON token development services from Bckodes to make your business ready to face the decentralized world!