Finest NFT marketplace clone scripts in 2022


We all adore art and unique products. But the art industry is the only industry that remained untouched by modern technology for ages, especially blockchain. Things happened in an old-fashioned way like visiting art exhibitions in person. Though we love visiting art galleries, it really limited the exposure of many artists and creators isn’t it? Not only art, but this scenario also goes for all other fields like photography, music, videos, etc.

If I were a creator, I would appreciate global attention for my work. Well, an NFT marketplace would open that door for me.

NFT marketplace is an online marketplace for the minting, displaying, and trading of digital assets like art, music, films, etc., It helps artists to convert their art into unique digital tokens, display their art to a global audience, and sell it.

The NFT marketplace has attracted all the creators and collectors, thus becoming a most profitable business model. What makes it even more profitable is that you can launch an NFT marketplace in a short span of time, within your budget with the help of NFT marketplace clone scripts.


What is an NFT marketplace clone script?

NFT marketplace clone script is a readymade script that allows you to launch your own NFT marketplace immediately and facilitate your users to mint, sell and trade NFTs.

If you want to build an NFT marketplace just like the popular NFTmarketplaces such as Opensea or Rarible, it would cost a fortune to build it from the scratch. By choosing an NFT marketplace clone script, you can get all the advantages of the top NFT marketplace models instantly and at reasonable prices.

What do the NFT marketplace clone scripts offer that makes it so special? A look at its features may give us the answer to this question.

Features of NFT marketplace clone script

Attractive UI

Let’s start with the look of the NFT marketplace clone scripts. It has a user-friendly interface to access the NFTs with ease. More the simple and sophisticated it is, the more the people like it.

Admin panel

The admin panel helps you in monitoring and managing the whole marketplace efficiently. As the owner of your marketplace, you can manage the whole trading and display of the NFTs briskly through this admin panel.

Cryptocurrency wallet integration

The most important feature which helps in storing and retrieving the NFTs in a safe way. Cryptocurrency wallet integration allows your users to sell their NFTs easily.

Secure transactions

When you buy or sell a unique asset, security concerns are evident. With encrypted transactions between the users, we can eliminate any loss during the trading.

Different payment methods

It is good to offer various payment options to your users as there are so many payment gateways these days. This will help your users in having an effortless transaction.

Escrow system

The smart contracts avoid fraud from third-party intermediaries. This holds the funds till the buyer receives the NFT and releases the funds to the seller, once the sale is complete.

High scalability

The NFT marketplace clone script can handle the increase in users, a large display of NFTs, and high transactions without any difficulty. This lets your users trade seamlessly in your NFT marketplace.

With these advanced features, Nft marketplace clone scripts make it accessible to everyone just like online shopping. When it comes to the NFT marketplace, even window shopping becomes fun if you do it in the right way. But which is the right way? Or to be even more specific the smart way?!

There are many popular marketplaces that have earned the trust of digital collectors. By using the clone scripts of these popular NFT marketplaces, you can have all the amazing features of these top marketplaces. Besides, this will help you get the attention of NFT lovers.

Buying a product with all the expected features is better than building something unsure of the end result. It saves us from the waste of time, money, and disappointment. Now, let’s see what are the popular NFT marketplace clones and what they offer.

What are the popular NFT marketplace clones?

NFT marketplaces differ by the type of creations they sell, the kind of blockchain & cryptocurrency they use, and their features along with the fees they charge. To create the perfect NFT marketplace that suits your style, know about the top NFT marketplace and their perks.


Here is the list of the popular NFT marketplace clones available to launch your perfect NFT marketplace. Let’s dive into the details.

Opensea clone script

Opensea is the largest P2P marketplace for NFT enthusiasts. It provides a wide variety of NFTs for its users and it supports multiple payment options. Thus, its clone script is the most preferable NFT marketplace clone script among entrepreneurs.

Opensea clone script is so beginner-friendly that your users don’t need prior knowledge of NFTs. So, if you are looking for a user-centric marketplace, then the Bckodes Opensea clone script will be your perfect choice.

Rarible clone script

The Rarible has its own rari tokens and rewards its NFT sellers and buyers with that token. It also offers a good percentage of royalty for every piece when it’s resold. The Rarible clone script possesses all the bright features of the Rarible NFT marketplace.

If you are interested in developing a community-style marketplace, which would captivate the attention of Rarible admirers then you know what to do.

Binance clone script

Binance NFT marketplace is the largest marketplace with a huge number of active users and a wide collection of NFTs. This marketplace offers low fees and made itself a trader’s favorite.

The Binance clone scripts provide all the benefits of the Binance NFT marketplace. If enormous users and high trade volume is your target for your marketplace, then the Binance clone script will be your cup of tea.

Superrare clone script

Superrare marketplace functions exclusively for artists and art lovers. It administers all the NFTs in it and makes sure each work is a single edition. The fees in this marketplace are comparatively high and offer decent royalty to its artists.

The Superrare clone script runs on the Ethereum blockchain and is an art-centric platform where trading of curated NFTs happens. If you focus on handpicked artists and exclusive art collections, then choose the Superrare clone script.

Axie infinity clone script

The Axie infinity marketplace completely deals with the in-built items of the popular game Axie infinity. This cool marketplace allows the player to trade their in-game assets for cryptocurrencies.

Axie infinity clone script completely replicates the characteristics of the Axie infinity marketplace and is devoted to gamers. Build a compelling NFT marketplace for your geeks with the help of this Axie infinity clone script from Bckodes.

NBA top shots clone script

The NBA Top shot marketplace offers the minting and trading of sports collectibles in the form of NFTs. The NBA top shot moments are the video clips of games sold as NFTs for all the sports fans.

Surprising but Yes, this marketplace allows you to own the highlighting moments of the games. Let your users collect the popular moments of their favorite sports star with the NBA top shot marketplace clone script.

Foundation clone script

Foundation marketplace is a recent addition in the year 2021 that focuses on the new creative economy. It is built in a way to benefit the creator community on the Ethereum blockchain.

The foundation clone script has high functionality just like the foundation NFT marketplace because of the usage of its similar advanced technology.

CryptoPunks clone script

When the Larva labs created the CryptoPunks in 2017, people claimed CryptoPunks for free except for the gas fees. But today, their value has skyrocketed and can be bought only from their owners.

Crypto punks clone script carries on the trade of crypto punks on the Ethereum blockchain. This marketplace mostly happens among a community of CryptoPunks enthusiasts.

Where to get the finest NFT marketplace clone scripts?

After knowing about the various NFT marketplace clone scripts, this might be the question on your mind ” Where to get them?”

Obviously, you should approach a leading company like Bckodes which has years of expertise in blockchain technology. Bckodes does an exceptional job in providing the finest NFT marketplace clone scripts that are totally customizable to your expectations.

We develop the NFT marketplace clones that are highly secure, authentic, and well tested to offer your users a seamless trading experience. As a pioneer in the NFT marketplace development industry, we have a friendly team at your disposal to help you throughout your process, right from ideation to implementation.

Final Thoughts

NFTs have shown immense growth in a very short period and have taken the world on awe effect. More than being a revenue factor, NFTs have given boasting power to their owners.

Well, Everyone wanted to join the swag of ‘bored ape yacht club’, didn’t they?

Therefore, launch your own spectacular NFT marketplace instantly using the NFT marketplace clone script of your choice at low prices. Ace the competition by combining efforts with the best NFT marketplace development company like us, at Bckodes. Hop on a call with our experts to build your NFT marketplace right away.